6th June 2016

Structuring the new menswear department at Harvey Nichols Knightsbridge

Thomasons is acting as structural engineers on a major project to refurbish the Harvey Nichols flagship store in Knightsbridge. The initial phase has recently been completed with the unveiling of a superb new menswear department.

Harvey Nichols Menswear 1

The department covers 28,000 sq. ft. across two basement levels and has been totally transformed over nine months. Our engineers created the structural designs for an opening in the floor for a new escalator, for lowering a section of the basement floor and extending an existing lift shaft. A significant structural shear wall was also removed to give customers clearer vision across the sales floor.

In addition, we designed a new stair core that will extend throughout six levels of the store and is being installed floor-by-floor as each phase of the refurbishment work is completed.

Harvey Nichols Menswear 2 Harvey Nichols Menswear 3

Work is now underway on a major overhaul of the store’s beauty and accessories department on the ground floor, which is due for completion later this year. Thomasons is again removing the shear core to improve visibility and extending the stair core.

Thomasons Technical Director Chris Smaller comments: “We have worked with Harvey Nichols for many years and it is enormously rewarding to work with such an iconic brand. We look forward to continuing in our role as resident engineer as this long-term refurbishment project continues.”