Fire Risk Appraisal of External Walls (FRAEW)

FRAEW assesses the risks posed by fire spread over external walls, to identify what, if any, mitigation or remedial work is needed.

Thomasons, alongside partnering Chartered Fire Engineers, has intrusively investigated > 500 facades, predominantly residential buildings with floors over 18m in height, to determine the extent and nature of defects relating to fire safety.

Our FRAEWs are assessed in accordance with PAS 9980:2022 code of practise, by our team of experienced professionals. Furthermore, our assessment approach and reporting are tailored to integrate with and inform the external wall consideration of PAS 79 holistic Fire Risk Assessment (FRA), a regulatory requirement of the Fire Safety Order.

FRAEW Screening

An FRAEW will not be required for all blocks of flats, particularly where the risk to life from fire spread is likely to be sufficiently low. For these buildings, Thomasons provide FRAEW screening services using PAS 9980:2022 assessment methodology to determine whether a full FRAEW is required.

Pre-PAS 9980:2022 Appraisal

Where a full FRAEW is required and sufficient information is known about the external wall construction, a Pre-PAS 9980 appraisal can be provided. This approach gives clients an initial indication of the likely full PAS 9980 outcome.

Building Safety Fund (BSF) and Mid-Rise Fund (MRF)

All BSF & MRF funding decisions for new applications now require a FRAEW assessed in accordance with PAS 9980:2022, to be undertaken by competent professionals. Thomasons have extensive experience of the BSF process having worked with many of the largest managing agents and freeholders across the UK.

Where the FRAEW identifies the need for mitigation or remediation, Thomasons have multidisciplinary expertise and experience to support clients with remediation design and delivery.

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